Jobs available at HB

Good staff is the key to success and sanity from a business owner point of view. We're always on the lookout for talented elements to join our growing team.


Working at Holybelly is the ultimate guarantee of joining a team of dedicated and passionate individuals. "It's good because we care" is our motto and work at it daily, providing the best food, coffee and service there is. It's also the guarantee that if you do right by us we'll always take good care of you.


1 year experience and above

We’re putting together a team of strong cooks to join HB. Must have at least 1+ year experience and tones of common sense. Could be a good move for a cook looking into not working nights and “coupure” anymore and get a couple of days off a week.

To apply you must be

  • A team player
  • A hard worker
  • A reliable person
  • A seasoned cook
  • Passionate about breakfast
  • A cook who gets the café style of cooking and has a real interest for it
  • Someone who cares about local, seasonal cooking
  • Motivated to serve the best food there is, days in days out
  • Legal to work in France
  • Willing to commit at least 1 year to HB

Full timeSalary based on experience