Well hello internet!

I won’t lie to you (have I ever?), I’m a little ashamed it took me this long to get back in the saddle. The last post on this blog is a couple years old, just shameful.

I have been incredibly busy. While it’s a weak argument in my defense it has the merit of being one hundred percent accurate. Life has been just wack.

So let’s catch up shall we? Awkwardly, as couple of highschool buddies trying to make up for lost time, unsure if a hug is appropriate or a handshake should do, let’s fill in the blanks.

  • Holybelly as it existed in the last blog post in 2016 is no more.
  • We closed it in June 2017.
  • We opened a much bigger Holybelly nicknamed HB5 in June 2017.
  • HB5 can seat almost three times more customers than the OG Holybelly.
  • We are now a team of 28.
  • Sarah and I are now parents since July 2017.
  • Holybelly as you knew it in the last blog post will reopen in January 2018 as a brand new breakfast and lunch place.
Holybelly 5, bigger yet every bit as delicious at the original.

And that’s pretty much it. Like I said, crazy. Closing our small café, buying a 160m2 beast, construction, opening, growing, giving birth, demolishing our first café, rebuilding it etc.

Holybelly, the original, coming back with a new look soon.

I’m mad at myself for not documenting it here. While resurrecting this blog (it took a bit of boring coding to migrate it from the now defunct Behind The Bar blog!) I enjoyed reading posts from the very early days. Our mindset then, our goals, it’s a chance to still have a time capsule from those days.

Our crazy amazing big team.

Oh well, you just can’t do it all. At least I can’t. Dust is settling now and I’ll try and be better at posting over here. After all, our project and the hospitality industry in general are fascinating subjects and too little is written about it, I’ll do my best to change that.

Good to be back, watch this space.