Truth is, it’s always a little heartbreaking to see one of your staff go. You work alongside people, day after day for many many hours, going through the good and the less good alike so when they decide it’s time to move on you reminisce on the good times and wish them the best. That time has come for our cook Martin aka Marty McFly. He’s been with us for over a year and it’s been a real treat to watch him work with Sarah and more recently ML. Now Marty has got some exciting stuff in the pipeline and we’re excited to see where his next project is going to take him. In a nutshell he’s been real good to us and we’re thankful for the time we had him on the payroll at HB, he’s the man. Best of luck to you brother!

Now, this means we’ll soon have an open spot in the kitchen. It’s kind of a big deal for us, excellent food being such a pillar of the HB philosophy, we need to make sure we fill that spot with the raddest cook available out there. Even if Sarah is the head chef, the captain of the ship, making sure it remains on course no matter what, every new member brings his touch, his experience to our kitchen, that’s why we’re going to start interviewing people now even though the position won’t be available until the end of March, just to make sure we have plenty of time to hire someone real special. A cook who’s got what it takes to carry on HB’s legacy of daily deliciousness.

So it’s official, HB is looking for its next full time cook. Experience is an absolute must. We pump out 500+ covers on a weekend so this position is unfortunately not opened to first timers. You need to be :

– A team player.
– A hard worker.
– A reliable person.
– A seasoned cook.
– Someone who understands breakfast, the café style of cooking and has a real interest for it.
– Someone who cares about local, seasonal cooking.
– A passionate dude or gal not in it (only) for the pay check but to serve the best food there is, days in days out.
– Legal to work in France (if you’re really really good and really really motivated we could potentially look into sponsoring you. Melbourne cooks, I’m looking at you).
– Willing to commit at least 1 year to HB. Training is a bitch.

You’re that person? You want to join us and work your ass off in the best work environment sending out good food to good folks? Get in touch ->