I’ve made every single coffee coming out of the HB bar since day 1 (Minus a few coffees made by some of my talented friends pulling rockstar shifts : Matt Perger, Eileen PK, Jarrad Sharrock, Huw Murdock, love you guys!) but now that we have an extra 15 seats, taking the total seat count to 50, plus take away drinks, plus the upcoming terrasse (that’s right!), plus dealing with the door, welcoming people, dealing with the queue etc. it just became a little too much to handle single-handedly! It is doable but not without affecting the quality of our service, without affecting the way we welcome you guys and, as you already know, that’s very important to us, as much as the quality of the food and coffee we serve.

For the longest time I was stuck in denial, refusing to hire another barista, pushing myself harder each day to keep up with the flow. For me, hiring another barista was like giving up my baby, as corny as it sounds, but that’s truly the way I felt. And also, because of where the espresso machine is located, it was my job and my pleasure to welcome every single person coming into HB and I just couldn’t imagine someone else doing that, no one would ever care as much as I do or do it as well as I did. But over the summer I thought about it long and hard and I realised I just had to learn how to delegate, it was the next logical step to tackle in my entrepreneurial journey. A tough step but a very essential one indeed.

As it turns out, the stars lined up beautifully, once again, and I managed to hire my good friend and well seasoned barista Damien. Trained baristas with a strong work ethic and sharp skills is a rare commodity in Paris at the moment. Plus I needed someone kind, welcoming, someone I could trust would do a good job on the machine while I’m not watching, take care of my beloved guests as well as I would and I can’t think of anyone better suited than Damian to tick my very long list of expectations.

So now, what does this mean for me? I will still be at HB from open to close, everyday, I will still be making coffee but as one of my customer perfectly put it, I’ll be more of a “host” overseeing the floor, filling the gaps, taking orders, clearing tables, welcoming people, checking on tables, making sure everything goes well etc. For me, it’s totally worth paying an extra salary in order to maintain our standards of service and hospitality, adapting to the ever increasing flow of customers coming through HB everyday. After two years of running our little café I realised that service is everything and that the quality of ours is probably at the center of why we’re getting so much love.

Anyway, I thought you should know! Welcome on board Damien! Very exciting year ahead! 🙂 #NewAddition #NewChapter #HBisMyBusinessSchool #LearnAsYouGo #TakeThatComfortZone #JeMangeChezHB #ItsGoodBecauseWeCare