Holybelly is the business school we’ve never been to. Every single day at HB is a new lesson. The way I look at it there is no one way to run a business but only your way, doing what feels right every turns of the road.

I was going to write a lengthy blog post about the current state of our reno but since I emailed the whole staff about what was going on I figured I could get away with a good old copy/paste. I’ve been an advocate of transparency since day 1; it’s been working out okay so far, so here’s another peek behind the curtain.

Dear Holybelly staff,

I thought I’d shoot you all an email to let you know what’s currently happening with our beloved little café.

The renovations are nearly finished. I’d say roughly 80% completed as of today. Plumbing and electricity are done, all the big construction jobs are done, furniture is being delivered, all the kitchen equipment is nearly in place, we are now entering the final and toughest stage, wrapping it all up, putting all the final touches and getting the tradies out of there.

We originally planned on reopening on September 3rd but unfortunately, the renovations were delayed. Sarah and I spent a lot of time planning those renovations and were thorough in the planning of it all, yet, nothing ever goes as planned and we’re going to be a couple of weeks behind. It sucks but a two weeks delay is actually pretty minor for such a huge reno. These things happen, we just need to be patient. It’s quite tough on the nerves for Sarah and I since we spent most of our summer break overseeing the reno, being on site almost everyday, but what keeps us going is the knowledge that all this is for the best. Now that HB is slowly taking shape, we’re getting more and more excited about the improvements and the great year ahead!

For our current employees, ML, Marty, Rosie and Malcolm, don’t worry, we’ve started paying you since September 3rd as we agreed on. For our new recruits, Regina, Mathilde and Amélie, hang in there guys, you’ll be working hard on the floor dreaming of time off in no time!

Here’s a rough schedule of the days ahead, based on what we know:

– September 12th : End of reno.
– September 13th, 14th : special floor waxing of the kitchen that takes 48 hours to dry completely. While they are doing it, we’ll all be cleaning the front of the shop, there’s a lot to do.
– September 15th, 16th : We need to move everything out of the storage space, back to HB. And put everything back where it belongs, and get the kitchen ready for prep the next day.
– September 17th, 18th : Kitchen prep and floor staff training getting the floor ready.
– September 19th : Reopening!

Being at HB everyday during summer, we have seen dozens of people looking at our “closed for the summer” sign and be super sad. People are waiting for us to reopen like crazy, next year is going to be truly insane, in a good way. Holybelly has somehow acquired a worldwide reputation. I’m not being cocky, it is the truth and it is the result of all our collective hard work over the past two years. Now, when we re-open, we must meet those expectations. Great service will be at the centre of HB this year. I’ll tell you more about it during our next staff meeting but all I want to say for now is rest up, enjoy this little extended holiday because we’ve got a big year ahead!

If you have any questions, feel free to call me.

I’ll be in touch again as soon as we know more!

Looking forward to our first shift all together,