And we’re back!

Well, Holybelly Ski Trip 2015 has been all we were hoping for and more! The weather was absolutely stunning, we had lunch outside in the sun at the bottom of the slopes everyday, total T-Shirt weather! The snow was abundant and perfect, we had the whole resort for ourselves since it was so late in the season. Ski down, get on the lift, repeat. No queue, no waiting in line. A dream!

No one got hurt, thank god! ML and Rachel passed their first ski lesson with a super cliché, super cranky, over-tanned ski instructor. Her tough training worked out though since they now both master the oh so fundamental “chasse neige”! Rosie did well too! She followed Marty, Sarah and I straight onto a Blue slope on the first day, assuring us that a class wouldn’t be necessary. Her confidence level took a gentle hit over the course of the 10 minutes it takes to get all the way to the top at 1600 meters. She didn’t bail though and tackled that slope head on, all the way down, gratifying us with a couple of stunts from whom she recovered easily. She stuck to the green slopes and the hot chocolates at the lodge after that but we love her for trying! Rosie no tiene miedo de nada!

The surprise of the trip would be Marty who turns out to be quite the ski pro! He plaid it nicely and kept it quiet till we actually clicked our skis on for the first time. Where I’d take a few turns to slow down Marty would cut straight through, forming a perfect linear path from the top to the bottom, effortlessly jumping over the bumps and stopping when he decided to. We shall now refer to him as Marty “Martin” McFly since he spent as much time flying in the air as he did sliding down the hills.

Sarah is a natural on skis as well. Scared of nothing and unfazed by speed she enjoyed the slopes but not as much as she enjoyed the ceremonial nap following a day on the hills!

On a more general note it was an absolute blast. Totally worth closing the shop for a few days. Now everyone is rested and ready to take care of you guys till the summer break next July! Can’t wait till HB Ski Trip 2016! 😉