Alrrrright! So, Lise being in Denmark for a few days we went ahead and borrowed our buddy Mister Haan Palcu-Chang from our delicious local Mary Celeste. Thursday and Friday is business as usual, HPC is working elbow to elbow with Sarah, cooking the last of the October menu (yeah, I know, we’re late on the update, busy transitioning times at the Belly! November menu is coming out soon and will be delicious!) but this weekend, that’s when tastiness hits the fan! Haan was given carte blanche to come up with his very own special and boy, he did not disappoint.

Here’s what you’ll be smashing over the weekend:

HPC Weekend Special at Holybelly

Melty housemade biscuit, juicy housemade merguez, tasty housemade cheese whiz, green tomato jam and jalapeƱos topped with eggs any style! BABOOM!

Possibly the best 16,5 you’ll spend this week! Come get some friends, 65 portions on Saturday, 65 on Sunday and when it’s gone, well, it’s gone.