One summer night last year Damian (barista at Fondation), Thomas (10 belles, Belleville) and I were hanging out at some guys house in the north, it was some kind of party. There was a dude at that party who had a knack for giving nicknames to people instantly. He’d see you and in seconds would be like “Wassup ?!”. That’s how I became KONI. After that night it just stuck and that’s how the boys have been calling me ever since. It doesn’t mean much, it’s just my name backward. NICO, KONI, yup, pretty basic stuff.

Anyhow, Koni was only the beginning. Once everyone else started calling me that I became Koni-West, Koni-chiwa and one of the crowd pleasers, Koni-island. Because we’re buds and because we use their coffees well, Belleville offered to make a special blend that’d be used only at Holybelly. I’m super psyched about it. They offered a few different combo and I ended up going for the 40% Rancho Bonito (Mexico) 30% Chayote (Costa Rica) 30% Hunapu (Guatemala). It is delicious, rich, chocolaty, nutty, complex, I love it.

Going back to my original story, when it became time to name the blend, the boys thought it’d only be fair to name it after myself since Bibi just got her own sauce. That’s how the Koni Island blend was born. David sent me the template for the label and I tweaked a little bit, slapping some yellow on there but I was worried about changing anything else, I didn’t want to mess with their branding too much. I emailed the label back and their reaction was the exact opposite. They were disappointed I didn’t mess with it more. So back to the drawing board. In the meantime, while I’m trying to come up with an awesome label concept, the boys took the matter into their own hands and delivered tonight 10, custom made, retail bags of Koni Island blend each labeled with a unique, rad, Koni pun.

Yes, Belleville is totally awesome for doing that. I’ll have a hard time selling those bags as I think each one is funnier than the next. That being said, coffee is meant to be drunk so those bags will be on the shelf, up for grabs, from 9 am tomorrow. Come get yours, limited edition of deliciousness for 15 a pop!