For, what some would consider, a long period of time, I tried to make it as a still photographer. I was 23, had a good eye for photography, freshly landed in Vancouver where the movie industry was strong and it sounded like the best gig on earth. You get to hang out on set all day, squeeze in the smallest corners, make yourself invisible and shoot away. I had dreams of making it into the big leagues and maybe one day be on set with guys like Kevin Spacey, DeNiro and the like.

I hustled hard. Working on many short films and music videos to get my name out there and build up a portfolio. I got myself a blimp from the one place on earth where you can get them and schmoozed my way into some cool projects. My biggest gig ever was a three days position on a big horror movie (later to be released as The Cabin in the Woods) assisting Dyiah Pera, a top shot still photographer based in Vancouver. (Second biggest gig ever was a day on Tooth Fairy, yup, I high fived The Rock, no biggie.)

Why am I telling you all this and what does it have to do with this weekend special? Well, if there is one thing that you do on set is eat, a lot, for free, all the time. It’s ridiculous. On independent movies it really depends on the budget but everybody knows that a well fed crew will do a better work and won’t drag their feet when it comes to overtime so the food is mostly good. But on a proper Hollywood, big money, production the food is abundant and tasty. We’re not talking carefully crafted food made from seasonal, local ingredients, we’re talking dirty, delicious food.

I remember vividly the first time a PA came to us at 10 in the morning carrying a tray of cheese oozing, warm, foot-long, hyper-loaded, breakfast burritos. I was genuinely hungry, grabbed one off the tray, free, no strings attached, it was warm, heavy, and smelling heavenly. I smashed it in 6 bites, enjoying each and everyone of them and then, I grabbed a second one. Yes. And nobody gave a shit, that’s the beauty of a big production. Food is just around, up for grabs, and no one is keeping tabs. It’s magical.

Anyhow, as you may have guessed it, the weekend special is BREAKFAST BURRITO. I’ve been lobbying hard with Sarah and Lise since we first opened Holybelly and was repeatedly shut down, till now. I caught them while they were exhausted, laid out my best arguments and it got through. You’ll thank me tomorrow.

Housemade flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, fried chorizo, gouda cheese, spring onions, coriander with a side of sautéed potatoes, leafy greens and a dollop of sour cream. A.K.A, the absolute bomb.

Finally, and then I’ll shut up, we’re rolling out tomorrow our very own sauce designed to pair with your hash browns, sausage patties, eggs etc. Many customers have been asking us for sauce with their brekkie. So far we were serving Cholula or Tabasco but we thought it’d a lot better, and a lot of fun, to make our own Holybelly sauce. Sarah has developed a super delicious sauce, slightly spicy, slightly smoky, super balanced, we can’t wait for you guys to try it!

Allright, that’s it, I’ll go now. See y’all tomorrow for some food epicness.