Hot damn looks like we made it through our first “year”! Technically it’s been 270 days since we’ve opened our doors for the first time but for us, it sure does feel like a proper year and friends, what a ride it has been. Sure, I knew deep inside that everything was going to be fine and that the business was going to do sufficiently well for us all to keep on going but never would I have expected to be busy from day one and all the way through our first summer break.

This is it, Sunday, July 13th at 6pm we’ll close shop for 7,5 weeks to only re-open on September 6th. One big ass break. While some industry pros might shake their heads in despair picturing all the cash we could have made this summer, we feel like the whole crew needs to take a breather, travel, go do something else for a bit, or, for my part, do nothing at all.

Sarah and I will spend some time in NYC and then go on an epic road trip in Mexico. Send us recs of where you think we should eat and drink! Lise is also going to see her folks in NYC, Marie is going to chill in Les Alpes, Lucie is moving to Melbourne to take her coffee game to the next level.

Sarah and I have been talking heaps about what we’ll do next year. Expand? Open more days? Hire extra staff so we could have more days off? Eventually, we decided to change nothing. It’s like they say, “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it”. That being said we’ve got some sweet reno ideas for the summer, not gonna spoil the surprise but Holybelly is going to get a tad sexier. Also, we might have an opportunity to expand the kitchen area which would be great for the girls. Lucie is moving to Melbourne to live there for a bit and Jess has already moved back to Adelaide so you’ll be seeing some new faces in September. Speaking of which, if you think you’ve got what it takes to work at HB, if you love food, coffee and providing great service, shoot us an email, we’ll be having some interviews in late August.

Finally, we want to thank you all for the love you’ve been giving us these past few months. Overwhelming, really. We’ve got some awesome regulars, some people coming from all over the world to smash the savory pancakes, our fair share of babies, mostly cool ones, some super old peeps moving their head to the Black Album, even the soy milk drinkers, and the vegans are giving us smiles even though we can’t feed them much. Seriously, Holybelly is all love and fun and that’s cause of you guys.

Hope to see you all for the last couple of days before we shut it down. If you can’t make it, see you in September for more deliciousness.

Xoxo, the HB Crew.