So there has been some debate here at Holybelly regarding what region this weekend’s special should be most rightfully attributed to. For Lise, it’s a breakfast from the Four Corners, definitely a south-western type breakfast. For Marie, it’s a “love child between Southern food and Tex-Mex”… for me, I got now freaking idea since I was raised on cereals in cold milk and croissants but I know for damn sure it’s gonna be delicious!

So what is it? you’re asking. Well, this weekend the ladies will be dishing out rich, golden homemade corn breads with thick and morish Chili Con Carne, in this precise case, “carne” will be bits of smoked pastrami, and last but not least, our luscious and creamy scrambled eggs with red and green peppers, scallions and coriander. I looked for someone to cover my shift just so that I could walk in, sit down and smash that bad boy customer-style, washing it down with a fine cup of filter… the offer is still on the table.

To settle the debate I did a bit of Wikipedia-ing.

Corn Bread
Native Americans came up with it a long time ago. European settlers living in the southern states adapted the original recipes and started making bread with the ground corn. It’s super popular in the south, super delicious. I tasted the ones the ladies made tonight and oh boy, it’s good stuff. Read more about corn bread on the wiki, it’s quite interesting, especially that Hushpuppy business! I wanna eat that!

Chili con carne
Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it : “The recipe used by American frontier settlers consisted of dried beef, suet, dried chili peppers and salt, which were pounded together, formed into bricks and left to dry, which could then be boiled in pots on the trail.” and “Before World War II, hundreds of small, family-run chili parlors (also known as “chili joints”) could be found throughout Texas and other states, particularly those in which émigré Texans had made new homes. Each establishment usually had a claim to some kind of secret recipe.” Here comes Texas again.

I also spent (too much) time reading about Texas Cuisine. Some really cool stuff they’re doing down there. Never heard of Texas Caviar before!

Anyhow, I’m getting side tracked! Tomorrow. Special. Corn bread. Chili. Delicious. Come down.