We love M. Biberon’s apple juice. We do, we really do. But sometimes, on a Saturday or Sunday morning, after a night of moderate (possibly wild) drinking, we crave something a little bit more substantial, don’t we friends?

Well, check this out.

More often than not while we’re closing down Holybelly for the day, filling water bottles, vacuuming the grinders, polishing the machine, friends will drop by and hang out for a game of Monster Bash and a cold beer. The other day it was the Lehoux bros. Olivier, co-owner of the uber awesome Lockwood, mentioned that sometimes when he comes down to HB for some food on the weekends he finds himself craving a tall, juicy, spicy, Bloody Mary and that, maybe, that’s something we should look into.

My background is in coffee. I’ve never worked a bar shift in my life and making cocktails isn’t something I’ve done a millions times before but the boys over at Lockwood, they know what they are doing. So we toyed around with the idea of a collaboration. Lockwood would supply us with a delicious recipe for a bangin’ Bloody Mary and we would serve it at the Belly on the weekend while giving the boys the credits they deserve. Talking about credits, shout out to Romain Llobet, bar manager at Lockwood, for hooking us up with the first couple of bottles of mix and the recipe to make some more. He’s a good man.

So starting today, 10am, we’ll be banging out Bloody Mary’s in our big jars. The mix, let me tell you, is the bomb. Spicy, umami-esque (save yourself a google search, just made that up, doesn’t exist), and crazy refreshing. At 10 bucks a pop they’re going to pair so well with this weekend special.

Have a great weekend friends!