The timing turned out to be pretty great. We opened in October, giving us a solid 3 months to tweak Holybelly, fixing it as we went, making it slightly better, more efficient and a more enjoyable experience for you guys. Now 2014 just kicked in, a clean cut, a new starting point, an occasion for us to slide in a few major changes, one of them being to close on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

As of right now we’ll be closing both Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Yes, two days. But why? Things are going pretty swimmingly, why close more? Well, right now we’re working seven days. Six days on the floor and in the kitchen, from 7am to 8pm and then on Tuesdays, our single day off of the week, we take care of everything else that needs to be taken care off. Run errands, go buy some stuff all across town, deposit cash at the bank, clean, re-organize, receive deliveries, email the accountant etc. Now, we’re not winging, we’re not complaining, this is part of the job and we love it, we really do. But for how long? Sarah and I are in this for the long run, we want to see Holybelly’s first, second and fifth birthday. You guys seem to be enjoying what we are doing. Wether it’s at the till on your way out or online you’ve been giving us great feedback about our food, coffee and service and we want to keep it that way.

We want to keep the food consistently tasty, the coffee always yum and the service always friendly and welcoming and the only way we’re going to be able to do that is to rest and be happy. If we keep on working this many hours, something is gonna give, either food quality is going to drop, coffee won’t taste as good or we’ll just stop smiling and eventually you guys will stop coming. By trying to milk Holybelly as hard as possible, by insisting on opening 6 days even though it makes us tired and unhappy for the sake of making an extra 4K a month we might actually kill what makes Holybelly enjoyable for you guys in the first place.

Now I can just picture hospitality pros, restaurant managers and such reading this and rolling their eyes, calling us soft, unexperienced, lazy etc. Well, we don’t really care. We live in this fantastic city that is Paris and we never get to enjoy it. We’ve got many friends who have cafés, bars and restaurants and we never get to go visit them. We’re not in this business to make millions, we’re in this business because we love serving delicious food and coffee and see you guys come back for more.

We could hire more staff, open seven days, but in the end it’s gonna end up costing us more, Sarah won’t be in the kitchen all the time, I won’t be behind the bar and Holybelly is just going to become another café… Eventually, one year down the road, maybe we’ll start thinking about delegating a bit but for now this is just too much fun to share.

Don’t be sad friends, it’s all for the best, plus the neighbourhood offers tones of options when it comes to your food and caffeine fix on Wednesdays! Ten Belles, Bob’s, The Sunken Ship, Tuck, Foundation etc, it’s all good!