It’s funny because when you file for unemployment in France you’re given a little form to fill up and they ask you what you want to do and then if your family is supportive of your project. Well for us it’s always been a major yes. Whether it’s mine or Sarah’s parents they never questioned any of our (strange, out of nowhere) life decisions and supported us in whatever it is we decided to do. Holybelly was no exception.

So it made sense for us to have them over for dinner last night, not at our place but at Holybelly, sitting on the freshly installed leather seats, eating off the brand new beech table, pushing aside the tradies tools, lighting a few candles because we’re not quite sure how to turn the lights on yet and just eat delicious food all together.

Awesome night, awesome parents, we’re a lucky bunch and we’re thankful for it.

PS: Also thank you Canon 5D Mark III for being an absolute boss in low light situation and giving me totally decent noise level at ISO2500. Xoxo, Nico