Paris in August is like a French spin-off of “The Walking Dead”, minus the flesh eating zombies that is. Empty streets, closed shops, not a sound… Everybody’s gone down south to get a tan, cashing on those 5 weeks of paid holidays they fought so hard for. France is already a pretty slow moving country and you’ve got to consistently push hard to get things done but in August you can push all you want things aren’t moving and when you’re trying to open a cafĂ©, that’s a bit of a pain.

Renovation work: on hold, our contractor is in Spain with the familia for a week. Let’s figure out our food suppliers: Yeah, right. All gone. Did we get that quote for the convection oven? That’s right, they’re on holidays too. And so on. Well then screw it, let’s got to Ten Belles and chill around a cold brew… I don’t think so, roller door is down a.k.a no good coffee for the next 2 weeks. August in Paris man, I’m telling you…

We did manage to get some stuff done: ordering sexy tea pots: check! buying printers, till, iPad for the POS: check! Figuring out our lighting fixtures: check!

Contractor is back at it today and things should slowly be getting back to normal in the coming week or so. After talking to him yesterday we’re still on schedule for an opening mid-September which is both super exciting and 12% scary! Thinking that in a bit over a month we’ll be serving our first coffees & meals is just blowing my mind and it also feels really good.

Getting there people, getting there.