It’s a strange concept to spend a lot of money on a place and then as soon as you get it, spend a lot more money on some guys to come in and demolish the crap out of it. It is also the most satisfying thing that happened to us since we started this little café adventure.

When you buy a “fond de commerce” (aka a business or goodwill) in France it comes as a package. The previous guy pretty much turns the lights off the night before and you come in the next day, ready for service. You buy everything: forks, knives, kitchen equipment, paintings on the walls, all the tables and chairs, all the food in the fridge and wine in the cellar… it’s a weird thing if you ask me but it’s a pretty common thing indeed. So for the past 4 days we’ve been filling garbage bags full of suspicious frozen food, packing away tacky looking glasses and cheap cutlery, trying to get all the crap out and empty the place so that our Serbian friends could walk in and start taking some walls down. And they did. Big time.

Four dudes showed up in a white utility truck, we shook hands, showed them around and then went away for some nice lunch at Le Verre Volé for a couple of hours. While I was enjoying some delicious Fromage de tête with a crisp, refreshing glass of white wine they were sledgehammering away, taking down the entire ceiling, destroying the toilets, opening the kitchen walls and so forth.

When we came back nice and full it wasn’t like “le fond de commerce” anymore. Clearly, the guy before didn’t just walk out. It looked like what Holybelly is really going to be like and that made us feel really really really good.

After seeing what those dudes did in a single day, I cannot wait to see what the place is going to be like by the end of next week. God bless the Serbians.