Readers, rejoice! Today I won’t be rambling about loans and the stupidity of the bank system (even though we’re still waiting on the final contracts! We signed the first rounds of documents 12 days ago!), instead I will be talking about a far more delicious topic : Coffee!

Coffee will be a huge part of what we do at Holybelly. You tend to do things the way you’ve been taught how to and I learnt the trade at Duchess of Spotswood and then Market Lane Coffee, two shops where quality and deliciousness is something not to mess with. I want our coffee to be tasty and I want it to be tasty consistently. Easier said than done right?

To achieve that goal we need four mandatory elements:

Well trained staff
My time behind le bar at Market Lane should take care of this one!

Tasty, clean water
We’re getting a reverse osmosis system that’ll take care of removing all the nasties from the gross Parisian water.

Good equipment
We ordered a brand new Marzocco Linea two groups, Mazzer Robur-E and Mahlkonig EK43. Clearly we won’t be able to blame it on the tools.

Beautiful, fresh coffee beans!
This one was a pickle! And it’s what this post is all about.

Paris is still quite new on the coffee map and compared to cities like Melbourne where you’ve got many quality roasters to choose from and work with, Paris is definitely not as well equipped. With the advent of technology and worldwide overnight delivery magic we would have managed to get some tasty beans in the hoppers but the price of such deliveries and lack of direct communication with the roaster was something that always bothered me a bit. Well, perfect timing, Thomas Lehoux (Ten Belles), David Flynn (ex-Telescope), & Anselme Blayney (Ten Belles + Le Bal) are teaming up to open Belleville, a very promising “brûlerie” (aka roastery) in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, only a short 10 minutes drive away from Holybelly. To start with, Belleville will only be supplying a limited number of shops and we were lucky enough to make the shortlist.

Having spent a fair amount of time with the boys since we moved back last October and having tasted their coffee at many occasions back in the days when David was still roasting, I’m seriously pumped to collaborate with such talented and passionate dudes and work my hardest to make their coffee shine at Holybelly. Not only this is solving a huge logistic problem for us, but I’m also really excited by the idea of being able to give the guys some feedback and work with them towards our common goal, quality and deliciousness.

The plan is to get our daily espresso blend from Belleville plus some singles for espresso and filter while still ordering a few kilos now and then from other awesome roasters around the globe.

Make sure you check out the ridiculously sexy landing page for Belleville. David pulled out all the stops on this one! Also come back soon for “Perfect Timing Part II” which will be Sarah’s first contribution to the blog. It’s about another awesome turn of events, regarding the kitchen this time, so I think it’s appropriate for her to turn the shy mode OFF and get the sharing going!