Because we love this project and because this project has pretty much been our life for the past 6 months, we talk about it a lot. We’re like those expecting parents who just won’t shut up about every single aspects of maternity, sparing you no details, getting really technical when all the other person wants to know is how you’re doing. Guilty as charged, we punished quite a few of you.

One of the questions we’ve been super vague about though, is the name, the logo, and the menu. Even though we let a few close friends in the confidence just to make sure we weren’t the only two people excited about the name, we kept it pretty secret until today. We just wanted to make sure that we’d get the money first, secure the lease before we go around town telling anyone who would listen we were going to open a Café called such and such. I’m a pretty loving guy and they are very few things that piss me off in this world but people who put the cart before the horse get instantly relocated to the blacklist.

But we signed the first set of contracts at the bank on Thursday, we’ve ordered the tiles and the espresso cups on Friday, so I think it’s pretty safe to say that this project is happening.

The name choosing process is a painful one and we went through MANY options. Pages and pages of google docs filled with all sorts of names: cute, french, English, foodie, super short, extra long etc. When we ended up being stuck with no exciting options we zoomed-out, re-focused, and wrote down what mattered to us and what the name should reflect:

  • A welcoming place where you feel good and want to hang out.
  • A Café serving delicious, seasonal, fresh food, affordable and made on premises by passionate people.
  • A place where you want to come back and tell everybody about.
  • A place where the coffee is banging, every single time.
  • A short name that people could remember easily.
  • English would make sense since it’s clearly going to be a Melbourne inspired café.
  • Yet the Parisians should be able to pronounce it even if their English sucks.

And that’s how we came up with: Holybelly!

It ticks all the boxes, we both like it, done and done! Now we just need to put it out there and hope that it catches on!

So now for all the social media goodness, you can follow holybelly on:

  • Twitter: @holybellycafe (@holybelly was taken by some Brazilian lady who was asking 4K for it… nope.)
  • Instagram: @holybellycafe (see what we did there?)

Facebook will come shortly after once we actually have something for you to “like” on there.

Also, we have a sexy landing page and an even sexier domain name:

Hope you like the name as much as we do and stay tuned, now is when the fun begins!