You remember those classic 90s movies where the main guy is lying under a truck, his face sweating, biting on a pair of wire cutters, sorting through dozens of colored cables, looking nervously at the timer? 23…22…21… “Man, we should really go! Time is running out!” 19…18…17… “I got this, I know what to do!” 15…14…13… “Not the red one, do not cut the red one!” 11…10…9… *closing his eyes as he clips off the red wire* “BEEP” *timer freezes* it’s over. The main guy laughs nervously. Roll credits.

Well, that’s pretty much what just happened to us, minus the risk of imminent death and destruction. To keep it short, the last few weeks have been really tensed and even though it’s been clear for the past few days that the project would get financed, we never really managed to get a solid “yes”. It was always like:

– “We got a positive answer from the analysts, we’re pretty sure this is going to go through.”
– “So does that mean we got approved for the loan?”
– “Well not quite, we still need to hear from that guy and that other guy but we’re feeling good about it.”
– “So when will we know for sure?”
– “Soon.”
– “We need to know by Friday otherwise we lose the shop and all the money we spent so far.”
– “Hmm hmm.”

Finally today, Friday, the last day, everyone woke the f*ck up and gave us a green light on the loan. Not one but THREE banks approved our project and now we just got to pick the one offering the best rate and conditions!

So it’s all good, we sent the official approval to our lawyer who sent it to the seller’s lawyer, the shop is ours! It really came down to the wire on this one!

Needless to say, we are over the moon and super relieved. Plan B and C were pretty shit, so glad Plan A came through! The good news is, we spent the last 4 weeks getting everything else ready, we’ve got the entire fit-out worked out, as soon as we get the keys we’re good to get the workers in and get the reno started!

Let the real work begin!