Well well well, the first post. Somebody once told me “the way you do one thing is the way you do everything” and that kind of stuck with me. So since this little venture is going to be all about transparency and simplicity I feel like this blog should operate under the same principles. So let me be really transparent and explain really simply what this is and why we’re doing it.

If you go on Pinterest and type in the word “Café” you’ll find a shocking amount of boards titled “my future café” or “[insert name]’s awesome café”. Seriously, do it. There are dozens of them, compiling photos of bars, cake cabinets, lamp shades, menu designs, retro cutlery and then some. Owning and operating a café is something that most of us have dreamt of at one point or another in our life. It is utterly romantic. The smell of freshly baked goods coming out of the oven, rolling up the roller shutter, pulling espressos all days talking to charming customers, feeding them delicious food while listening to a rad playlist of hand-picked killer tracks that you compiled the night before, being your own boss, sticking it to the man, doing it your way, what’s not to love?

And then you’ve got reality. How do you actually go from having that project in your head to serving your first customer? That’s what this journal is all about. The process, the boring details, the red tape non-sense, the unexpected problems, the great surprises, the doubts, the money. What we offer you is a look under the hood. Being young entrepreneurs ourselves we looked for resources like this, testimonials, behind the scenes stuff that you too rarely get to see and read about. We walked in those great cafés and often wondered “how did they do it?”. This is what this is about. An inside look, a demystification of the process. A regular guy and a regular gal, opening a shop in Paris from day 1 all the way to opening day.

Both Sarah and I will be posting here as often as we can. Comments are open so feel free to drop us a line and make fun of my broken English.

Alright so now that we’re clear, let’s do this café thing!