The menu changes every week. The menu posted below is an example of what we serve.
served everyday from 9am to 12pm
Seasonal plates to share
Organic soft boiled egg, salted butter soldiers 4,5€
Banana, chocolate & coconut entremet, bread biscuit crust 7€
Crème caramel, melilot poached apricots, pistachios 7€
Mini brioches, marzipan, rhubarb, whipped cream 7€
Housemade naan bread, grilled octopus, Noa cucumber, wild asters 9,5€
Halloumi & broccoli beignets, confied garlic aioli, lemon mint gel 7€
Thai rice congee, lemongrass condiment, shiso, fried shallots 7,5€
Panzanella salad, sourdough croutons, mimosa verbena dressing 7€
Almond okara galette, courgette, labneh, pomegranate molasse 8€
Buckwheat english muffin, marinated black angus beef, artisan gouda, fried egg, spicy tomato sauce 8,5€
Smoked pork croquettes, housemade piccalilli 8,5€
Espresso 2,5€ / Long black 3,5€
Mug of drip coffee 3,5€
Café au lait 4,5€ / Piccolo 3€
New Orleans style iced coffee 5€
Organic cold pressed juice 4,5€
Organic cherry juice 4,5€
Jasmin raspberry or ginger Ceylan kombucha 5€
Housemade iced tea 4€
Housemade seasonal cooler 5€
Hot chocolate 4,5€ / London fog 4,5€ / Chai latte 4,5€
Tea pot infused to order 5€
Holy-Bellini Natural sparkling wine, organic peach juice 8€
Hibiscus Paloma Tequila, pomelo juice, housemade hibiscus soda 10€
Red Snapper Gin version of a Bloody Mary 10€
it's good because we care
Since opening our doors in 2013, we are dedicated to cook using produce that is fresh, seasonal and selected with care. The vast majority comes from local and organic agricuture. With Holybelly 19 we want to offer a different approach to breakfast, showcasing the best seasonal ingredients in the form of small morning sharing plates. Paired with coffee from Koppi in Sweden, with tea carefully sourced by Le Parti du Thé or with a cold pressed juice from Pressé, you are definitely in good hands!
Ernest charity !
Our bills above 25€ include a 0,2€ charge designed to provide access to organic fruits and vegetables to those in need in the eastern Paris area. To find out more :
Holybelly 5
If you enjoyed Holybelly 19 there is a great chance you'll enjoy its big brother Holybelly 5 at number 5 of the same street. Different menu, different vibe, same "care"! See you guys there!
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